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EXCC-zertifizierter Betrieb

EXCC-zertifizierter Betrieb

Entsorgungsfachbetrieb Entsorgungsfachbetrieb

The Trucks of C & G are exchanged on a regular basis. Within the last few years the average age of the fleet has always been less than two years.

Young trucks have many advantages. We are always up to date in terms of the technological development and able to almost exclude any technical failures. Through this we save operating costs and increase our competitiveness. As all vehicles comply with the Euro 5 standard, we also make an effective contribution to the environmental protection at the same time.

Our fleet only consists of vehicles of the highest quality and environmental friendliness. All vehicles are bought brand-new with the maximum deliverable, mechanical and electronic driving aids like stabilizers, ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM, ASR, ESP, and Braking-Assistant BAS. In addition and before use, we optimize the delivered vehicles in terms of the work safety of the driver, cargo securing and passive safety in traffic. That's the reason why all the trucks with a total weight of more than 3,5 tons have a reflecting outline marking.

The maintenance of our fleet is always carried out by a branch office of the vehicle manufacturer. Besides the maintenance following the guidelines of the manufacturer every vehicle is examined in our company weekly with a check list that contains far more points than the annual general inspection of the MOT. The maintenance of the vehicles is not only for curative but also for preventative reasons. For example do we not drive with tires that are filled with air but with sulfur hexafluoride what eliminates the loss of pressure and a flat tyre as a result.

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